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Marios Varvoglis: Long live Messolonghi, for cor anglais and string orchestra (solo: Christos Tsogias-Razakov) - Live



a word borrowed from ancient Greek, meaning the complete lack of wind; calm, serene.

The album presents works by Greek composers in exclusive live recordings. It contains works by Nikos Skalkottas, Marios Varvoglis, Dimitrios Lialios and Philippos Tsalachouris, recorded for the first time by the Athens Philharmonia Orchestra.

What is common among all the works is that they do not involve any wind instruments. They are meant for string orchestra, with the sole exception of “Long live Messolonghi” by Marios Varvoglis, which features a solo for the english horn: a breeze amongst the “apnea” performed by Christos Tsogias-Razakov (LIVE).

It is at the same time a deep yearning for a fresh breath of air; a breath of freedom.